Mission Medical Center (MMC) is here to provide health, hope, and spiritual support.  Qualified patients receive integrated health services from licensed professionals in a Christ-centered environment. Mission Medical Center works with the health care community in the Pikes Peak Region to identify specialists to provide referral services on a case-by-case basis.

Mission Medical Center patients receive outpatient medical and behavioral health care for chronic medical illnesses at no cost.  Patients typically remain under care at MMC for 10 to 20 months.  MMC coordinates continuing care with other safety-net providers, particularly Peak Vista Community Health Center.

Who Qualifies for Care?

Patients typically are 19-64 years old, have no form of health care coverage, and with income below 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines; $29,425 for a household of one person, a family of 4 is $60,525.  

MMC also cares for the under-insured, people that have insurance, but high deductibles.

Requirements for Patients

Health care is a basket with two handles. Mission Medical Center will carry one handle, but our patients must carry the other.  MMC requires that patients schedule their appointments in advance; be responsible in their use of medications; follow doctors orders; keep their appointments and arrive on time. Mission Medical Center is dedicated and committed to helping patients regain their health.


MMC asks for a $10 donation with each visit.

It may be necessary for patients to purchase some medications from an outside pharmacy.

The First Appointment

Patients must call us at (719) 219-3402 to schedule their first and all subsequent appointments.

Acute patients should have a valid photo ID.




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