About MMC

Mission Medical Center

Mission Medical Center (MMC) has been serving the uninsured and under-served of the Pikes Peak community since January, 2004.   Mission Medical treats low-income adults who are without any form of health insurance and who suffer from one or more chronic illnesses.  

Qualified patients receive integrated health services from licensed professionals in a Christ-centered environment.  The dedicated, but small MMC staff is supplemented by a team of volunteers, both medical professionals and administrative helpers.

The Mission Medical saves the community millions of dollars each year by treating patients that otherwise would have gone to the emergency rooms in the area.

Mission Medical Center services include:

  • Primary Care Clinic
  • Diabetes Care
  • Dental Clinic
  • Pharmaceutical Dispensary
  • Behavioral Health Clinic
  • Vision Clinic, including free eyeglasses
  • Spiritual Companion (Prayer) Ministry
  • Independent Living Program

2125 East LaSalle Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80909



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