A MMC Christmas Story

A Christmas Story – Mission Medical Style

It is two days before Christmas and Mission Medical Center is treating patients as usual…………. Except something very unusual happened Thursday.

One of MMC’s dedicated volunteer Physician Assistants (PA) had only one patient on the schedule, but she came in to see that patient because she said “the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart”.  The one patient was very ill; he is a twenty something homeless man that has pneumonia.  With nowhere else to turn he came to Mission Medical for his care.  In his words, he “received top-notch competent care with dignity and compassion”.  He was given a nebulizer treatment and antibiotics to help with his condition.

The real story came after the “top notch medical care.”  After administering to him medically, the PA came out of the exam room and asked the staff if we had any clothing, food and hygiene products on hand, anything, as he only had a light shirt, pants and shoes to his name.  Filling the need for clothing, food and hygiene products on any other day of the year is not difficult to do, as Colorado Springs has many resources.  Unfortunately, many of those organizations were closed for the Christmas holiday.

While MMC staff was looking for what we had in the building to give this young man, a woman came in and needed a toilet riser for a friend in need.  While getting the riser the story of this man’s situation came up in conversation.  Mrs. P. said she would return home and see if she had any clothing of her husband’s that she could offer to the patient.  In fact, she did, calling back in a half hour.  She returned to the clinic with a bag full of fleece items to help keep him warm.  We cannot thank her enough!

Meanwhile, the MMC staff rose to the occasion and put together a bag of food, hygiene items and found a wool jacket.  He was set to go!  The dispensary manager filled his prescriptions and the patient was very thankful. 

While the pneumonia patient was being treated, a patient who has been coming to MMC for the past year walked in without an appointment.  She also was in great need.  She is a type 1 diabetic and has no insulin and no meter.  The PA treated her as well and gave her the much-needed lifesaving insulin and meter.

The patient shared that she was also in need of food, clothing and hygiene items.  Just out of an abusive relationship she had nothing.   The MMC staff once again put together bags of necessary items for her.

What are the chances of two people with such a great medical needs and necessities come in at the same time on the same day?  What would have happened to them if Mission Medical was not there for them?  This is the Spirit of Christmas, and the gift was received by the MMC staff!

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!



4 Responses to A MMC Christmas Story

  1. Ruth Boling says:

    Thank you for being there for these two people but also for all those you serve. Care for the sick is not just taking care of their physical needs. As these stories tell us the joy of Christmas and care for our neighbors include caring for the spirit as well. Kudos to everyone at Mission Medical for fulfilling these graces for those in our community.

  2. Pete Elliott says:

    God bless you guys!

  3. Jennifer says:

    That is heartwarming! Thank you for all you do !

  4. Ada Torres says:

    I am so thankful you shared this special Christmas story.
    Thank you all for all the work you ALL do and for always being willing to help even when it looks like the shelves are empty — you all find a way!
    Many blessings to you all.

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